Nedim Đikić Art

We all pull to our side
plastic, height 18 cm
plaster, height 35 cm
combined technique, 29x14x18 cm

Fine Art

And where is love?
The woman with the globe
The only path
Soul carers

My artwork has critical view of the illusion of freedom in the contemporary world in which we are bound by rules of religion, ideology and society. Human psychology, complex relationships, social issues, materialism and socially engaged art in general,are fundamental tools often used as the basis for the creation of the most of my artwork.

Applied Art

Throughout my experience and years of experimenting with sculpture I came up with an idea on exploring the voids and hollows of the sculpture as its fourth dimension. Integration of light in the sculpture led me to making series of works which border fine and applied art, and at the same time they also became design products.